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Thanks for stopping in! Wedding films are one of my favorite things to create because it is such a beautiful document of who you are in this moment of your life.

A huge priority for me when shooting in a wedding is minimalism and discreteness, so as to not alter the day for you and your guests. For this reason, I shoot all my weddings alone - and I use minimal gear as to not cause a scene. No tripods or stabilizers - just me and my camera. Most folks think I’m just another photographer. I use a zoom lens, so I’m able to get close up shots from a distance. I let the moments unfold as they happen, and never try to direct or plan shots. I simply catch the moments, and use them to create a beautiful story in the edit room.

your day / your film

Another main point for me when creating a wedding film - is that every couple is unique and every wedding is different. Therefore I don’t follow any cookie cutter wedding video format. Instead, I look for the moments that truly capture who the two of you are and use those to weave together a story that doesn’t just highlight your wedding day, but ultimately captures who the two of you are right now in your life - young and beautiful and in love. I want the film I create for you to be a reflection of your character and your energy. I also want your wedding film to be a collaborative process! It’s your film, I just have the tools to capture it and piece it all together. When we meet beforehand, I want to hear your ideas and vision - I want to watch wedding videos (or any video) you love (or hate), and I want to listen to your favorite music!


Music plays such a vital role in creating the energy and space to tell your story, and so obviously it is incredibly important to find something that matches you two and your day completely. I ask every couple I film to create a playlist of 5-10 of their all time favorite songs - the ones that get cranked up when they come on the radio on a road trip or get you slow dancing in the kitchen. I listen to these songs leading up to your wedding day as it helps me create a vision that matches your style. I see the camera as an instrument, and certain movements and techniques cater to different styles - so I want to make sure I match that with my shooting. When it comes time to editing, there’s usually one or two songs in the playlist that match you and what your wedding day was all about that will cut perfectly with the footage - or it will give me an idea in the same ballpark for some ideas which I’ll run past you (or we can keep it a surprise).

interested in chatting more about turning your wedding day into a movie? I’d love to hear from you.

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